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Cruella 124291

Hi my name is Cruella. I have found myself in the unfortunate situation of arriving at the kennels with a few large lumps on my belly. After having some of these removed it has been found that they are sadly cancerous. Therefore I am now looking for an end of life home. I would suit …

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Cody 124235

Hi my name is Cody. I am a romanian rescue and can be very shy of new people and can be on edge when new people approach me. I am looking for an experienced, quiet home to help me settle in and provide me with the structure, routine and training that i need. Once i …

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Sully 124341

Hi, my name is Sully. I can be a little shy when I first meet you so may require my new owners to meet me a couple of times before they take me home. I love playing with my canine carers. Squeaky toys are my absolute favourite. I am a clever boy and I will …

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Lionel 124327

A little about me Hi, I’m Lionel, I’m a sweet, friendly boy who likes to do my own thing and potter around. I love playing with toys but can be a little possessive over them, so my carers have been working with trading toys with me. I love treats, so this will help with any …

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Jasmine 124335

Hi, my name is Jasmine. I can be a little shy at first but soon come out of my shell once I know you. I am looking for a patient home who is willing to help build my confidence. I am a good girl on walks and I don’t pull on my lead. I love …

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Princess 122545

A little about me Hello, my name is Princess, I am a very nervous girl and I find kennel life quite stressful. I am looking for very patient owners who can help me build my confidence, I am a lot more comfortable with my canine carers than when I first arrived here however I am …

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Lexi 124184

A little about me My name is Lexi, I am a young girl with heaps of energy looking for a very specific forever home with owners who will understand my needs, I am such a clever girl with so much to offer with the correct training. My carers notes Lexi is highly intelligent and is …

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Milo 124280

Hi, my name’s Milo. I am an excitable boy who loves going on my walkies. I like to potter round and do my own thing. I’m not keen on being over handled and don’t like having my back legs touched. I do enjoy training and learning new things though and will sit and give you …

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Boss 124229

A little about me Hello, I’m boss. I am looking for a very active home where I can go on lots of walks and receive ongoing training. My carers notes Boss is a big sensitive dog, full of energy and affection with people he trusts. He is still young and will need a lot of …

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Ghost 124248

A little about me Hello, I’m Ghost. I am a typical fun-loving Shepard with lots of love to give. I enjoy going on lots of adventures and receiving lots of fuss. Please read through the rest of my story to see if you can provide me a forever home. My carers notes Ghost would absolutely …

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