Wolverhampton Centre

Billy 129699

Hi my name is Billy, I am a friendly boy who would like to go to an active home. I enjoy having cuddles with my canine carers and playing with my doggy friends. I love playing with my toys and have learnt to sit and wait for them. Canine Carer Comments: Billy is a sweet …

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Filo 129655

Hi my name is Filo, I am very food motivated and love all my toys. I will even bring my ball back to you to be thrown. I am a typical spaniel that enjoys exploring and sniffing new smells. I would be best suited to go to an active home with lots of adventures. Canine …

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Tess 129643

Hi my name is Tess, I am very excitable and greet everyone with love and exuberance. I love playing with toys especially a tennis ball that I can chase. I am very food motivated and already know how to sit, give paw and lie down. Canine Carer Comments: Tess is a wonderful girl that makes …

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Violet 129649

Hi my name is Violet, I am a really loving and affectionate girl but can take sometime for me to trust new people. I am a typical Spaniel that loves my treats and learning new things. Canine Carer Comments: Violet is a very sweet but does need further socialisation. She needs a quiet and experienced …

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Crouton 129663

Hi my name is Crouton, I am a lively husky pup now looking for my forever family. Canine Carer Comments: Crouton was born here at our centre and is ready to go to her new home. She needs experienced owners that are willing to put in the training and stimulation she needs to grow into …

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Biscuit 129620

Hi my name is Biscuit, I love a cuddle and adore playing with my many toys. I am a smart girl and have lots of energy. I will need lots of enrichment and exercise in my new home. I love meeting other dogs so much that I can be a little OTT with them. Canine …

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Rocky 129660

Hi my name is Rocky, I really like cuddles and belly rubs. I would love to live with a playful resident dog to keep me company as I don’t like to be left alone. I am very lively but can be nervous in new situations. Canine Carer Comments: This clever boy is brilliant with his …

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Lizzy 129618

Hi my name is Lizzy, I will greet you with a waggy tail and come over to you with exuberance. I am energetic, active and full of fun. I am very intelligent so I’m a very quick learner. I already know my basic commands. Canine Carer Comments: Lizzy is so much potential for the right …

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Winston 129593

Hello my name is Winston, I am a reserved and independent boy at times. I am very clever so I pick up new commands easily. I enjoy my walks and my carers are teaching me to be less focused on other dogs. Canine Carer Comments: Winston has a very sweet and affectionate personality when he …

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King 129597

Hi, My name is King. I am a very friendly, boisterous boy. When I get excited I do jump up and can be very ‘full on’. I do like fuss and attention, but my favourite thing ever is to be playing with my toys, because I love them so much you do have to ‘trade’ …

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