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Jasmine 124335

Hi, my name is Jasmine. I can be a little shy at first but soon come out of my shell once I know you. I am looking for a patient home who is willing to help build my confidence. I am a good girl on walks and I don’t pull on my lead. I love …

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Milo 124280

Hi, my name’s Milo. I am an excitable boy who loves going on my walkies. I like to potter round and do my own thing. I’m not keen on being over handled and don’t like having my back legs touched. I do enjoy training and learning new things though and will sit and give you …

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Mia 123865

Hi I’m Mia I am looking for an adult only home, with no other pets. I will need to go to an experienced home, who have had nervous dogs in the past and are used to providing the support and patience needed to build up their confidence. I’m really not keen on visiting the vet …

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Tyson 124080

Hi, I’m Tyson I’m a big friendly boy who likes nothing better than being with you, having lots of fuss and attention. I also love doing tricks for treats. I don’t like other dogs so have been muzzle trained for when I am out and about. I walk really well on my dogmatic and my …

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Lola 124212

Hi, I’m Lola. I am a very affectionate girl and I love having fuss and attention from my k9 carers. I love my food and having a run around, I am full of energy. I love nothing more than cuddles and attention. When I first arrived I was very scared but I’m a lot more …

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Kiana 124066

Hi, I’m Kiana. My favourite thing is playing fetch with my tennis balls. My new people will need to come and meet me a few times here at the centre as I can be nervous and will bark at people when I first meet them. I do need need to wear my muzzle when meeting …

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Bernard 124188

Hi my name is Bernard. I am a nervous boy who can bark at first with strangers. therefore i am muzzle trained for walks as this helps me with my nervousness. I love treats so this has helped with my muzzle training and further training. When I’m let off lead I love to play with …

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Dorothy 123989

Hi I’m Dorothy I am a friendly girl and I like to have a fuss and cuddle with my carer’s. I can be quite unsure and vocal with other dogs, because of this I wear a muzzle over my dogmatic when out on walks, just in case. I do however have a few select dog …

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Sapphire 122335

Hi, My name is Sapphire. I am a very loving, loyal and cuddly girl once I know you. I am looking for a home with experience in providing nervous dogs with support and confidence building. I can be scared of some new people, so have been muzzle trained for when I am around new people, …

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Ronnie 123812

Hi, I am Ronnie Unfortunately I am deaf, but my K9 carers are teaching me sign language. I know that ‘thumbs up’ mean’s I am doing something good. I am quite a stubborn individual and can also be quite accident prone. I can be quite naughty and just grab the things I want from you. …

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