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Mable was in a very bad way when she was brought to Birmingham Dogs Home in February 2020. Her untreated skin condition was so severe she would harm herself, rubbing against surfaces because she was in so much pain and discomfort. Under our care she was treated for demodex mange, numerous allergies, chronic ear problems, conjunctivitis, a heart murmur and her muscles were wasted because of lack of exercise.

Our team spent several months helping her to rehabilitate and recover, taking her for slow walks to build up her legs, giving her medicated baths and treating her with creams until she was feeling much better. Her heart murmur also improved over time which had been exacerbated by the stress she was under while she was feeling so poorly. Mable has now found a loving new home where she gets lots of walks, the very best of care and every day is now filled with enjoyment not suffering.

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