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Wilson, a Labrador cross was one of our longest residents, being cared for by our Birmingham team for almost two years.

Wilson had a very difficult early life and was found tied to a lamp post on a cold dark night in November 2018. He had learnt to survive and was in a constant state of distress and vigilance. While he was with us, several families wanted to give him a home but he wasn’t ready to adapt to family life.

Our team spent many patient hours caring for him, loving him, training him and establishing routines to help him to feel safe and be able to trust again. Our rehoming team worked very hard to find the right person with the time, experience, patience and love, to give Wilson all of the support and attention he needed and his perfect person was the very lovely Bhawna.

Bhawna started coming to see Wilson on a regular basis to start to build bonds of trust with him. Wilson seemed to know that Bhawna was his person and the pair spent a lot of time together becoming great friends. Wilson left BDH in December 2020 to start the next and very best chapter of his life in his new home with his new Mum.

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