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Hello, my name is Winnie, I am such a bundle of fun and have such a great character when I am comfortable with you, I do take a while to trust you and I am looking for a very confident owner who has time to come and visit me lots of times before taking me home. I do have a tendency to grumble at new people until I have built a bond with them, once I know you I am such a loving girl with so much to offer.

My cares notes
Winnie is one of our long termers here and has been under the vet for a while as she does have hip dysplasia which will need to be monitored, but it doesn’t slow her down at all, she loves her walks and enjoys walking with other dogs. Winnie would need to be the only animal in the home as she does like to have all of the attention.

Winnie has been rehomed before and did bond really well with one person so we feel a single person household or a quiet home with a maximum of two people would suit Winnie best, she would make someone an amazing companion and she really does make us all laugh every day and bring us so much joy.

This clever girl is muzzle trained and will need to wear this in public due to her reactivity but she is happy to wear it, she also needs it for situations she may feel stressed in such as the vets. Winnie is deaf which could contribute to her wariness of new people.

The next steps
If you feel you have the experience and time to spend to get to know Winnie and have the home she needs, please fill in a rehoming application form and add as much information as you can, once a match has been found Winnie will be removed from the website.

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