Frequently Asked Questions

Adopting a dog

It costs between £190 and £220 to adopt a Birmingham Dogs Home dog. All of these funds are used to help run our charity and enable us to help more dogs in need of our care.

All BDH dogs are microchipped and are registered with the Pet24 reunification service which is free for 12 months.

The adoption fee also includes neutering, first part vaccination, flea and worming treatment. If you adopt a younger dog we will contact you when it is the right time to get them neutered.

Thank you for considering pet insurance which is an important part of responsible pet ownership. All BDH dogs leave with 4 weeks free Petplan insurance cover, which provides you enough time to find which policy is the best for you and your new dog.

When you collect your dog we will talk to you about the type of food, the amounts and meal routines that your new dog has had during their time with us. We will also send you home with food and treats from our nutrition partner Fish4Dogs. It will help them to settle into your home if you initially feed them on the same food they have got used to. There is extra information in the BDH Adoption pack you will receive and a member of our rehoming team will chat everything through with you before you take your new dog home with you.

This will depend on each individual dog. When you enquire about a specific dog we can provide more details.

This will depend on each individual dog. It is very important that you form a bond with your dog and that you spend time training them on recall so that you are confident they will immediately return to you before you do this.

Dogs are sociable creatures and really love company so they can suffer from separation anxiety when left on their own. Dogs can be left on their own for short periods of time to start with and you can gradually build up the time you leave them so they get into a routines and know what to expect and will trust that you will be returning. Dogs shouldn't be left for more than four hours at a time, they will need to relieve themselves outside.

Please fill in an online application for a dog that you are interested in. We may receive a number of enquiries about any one of our dogs. Our rehoming team will look at every application and make the best match to suit each dog. We will be in touch with you to discuss your application further if we think he or she may be the right dog for you and talk you through the next steps. From this point it ususally takes around 1 - 2 weeks, and we will need to factor in neutering procedures and recovery time.

Our rehoming team will initially match potential adopters based on the information completed on the adoption application form regarding your life-style, family situation, if you have other pets, if your experience with particular breeds or the specific needs of that dog. For example some dogs are happy in family situations, others prefer a quiet life. Some breeds need much more exercise than others, some need lots of stimulation, others may need extra medical care. If we feel we may have the right dog for you, we will invite you in to meet the dog to see how you get on together. Dogs can be nervous, anxious or excitable when they meet people for the first time so it may take a few visits for you to make your decision and for you to start to build a bond of trust and friendship together. Dogs need access to a secure garden with a minimum of 4ft fencing (some dogs will require higher). If you are in rented accommodation we will need proof of permission from your landlord and where applicable, proof of ID.

When you fill in an online application you can indicate if you wish us to send you information about other dogs that are available for adoption which may meet your criteria. We will send you updates by email.

It may be that the dog you have enquired about is matched with another potential adopter. If this is the case we will keep you updated and we can keep in touch to let you know straightaway when more dogs become available on our website if you would like us to. You can let us know via the online application form.

If you do not wish to complete an online application, please call our rehoming team and they will complete the online application for you by taking more information over the phone. Please see our contact information for details.

We carry out home visits to check that there will be suitable outside space for a dog and that fences are high enough ( a minimum of 4ft) and secure so that a dog can't escape. We will also chat to you about the area in the house where the dog will be ,to ensure they have a quiet, safe space when they need to. It is also an opportunity for you to chat to our team to ask for any advice about settling your new dog in.

Every dog has individual needs. Please let us know your situation when you are completing the adoption application process.

We do not currently run a fostering programme.

Settling a dog into your home

It can take a few weeks or even months for a dog to settle into his or her new environment, so it is important to be patient and not worry if you need some extra help settling your new dog in. We have some really handy "Top Tips" for settling your new dog in, which are included in our BDH Adoption pack. We will keep in touch to check how you are getting on together and if you need some support we can either provide advice over the phone or arrange for you to come in with your dog so we can give you personal advice on working with your dog. Our canine carers are experienced in dog behaviour and are very happy to share their knowledge and they will also be able to give you specific tips about your dog, from getting to know them and work with them while they have been with us. Training with your dog is a very important part of building bonds of trust. Learning recall is important so your dog learns to return to you when you need them to. Training can also help dogs to socialise with other people and dogs. Please remember that we are always on the other end of a phone if you need advice and help.

Please contact us if you feel you are unable to continue providing a home for your dog. We will discuss your situation with you and do all we can to support you. We can discuss returning your dog, providing a refund or an exchange within twenty one days.

We offer 21 days free veterinary care from the date of your adoption. Please contact one of our centres if you have any medical concerns. If your dog needs emergency care please contact your own veterinary clinic if you need any medical advice or St George's Vets offer an emergency out of hours service on T. 01902 425 262

Giving up your dog

There are many reasons why you might need to make the decision to hand over your dog to Birmingham Dogs Home and we are here to help you every step of the way without judgement. We understand it is a difficult decision, but it may be the most responsible and loving one for your dog. Please call us initially so we can discuss your situation and let you know if we have room. You will then be asked to bring your dog in for an assessment with us. If you would like us to have your dog we would ask for a small donation towards their care.

I've found a dog in need

If you have found a lost dog, please contact a local warden for your area who will be able to assist. If the dog is microchipped they will be able to locate and contact the owner. Do not put yourself at risk, please wait for a dog warden to assist you.

Please take the dog to your nearest vet where they will be able to provide the best medical treatment as quickly as possible. If you feel you will be putting yourself at risk in any way, please contact your local authority dog warden who will be able to assist and they will ensure the dog receives appropraite medical care.

Please contact our Birmingham or Wolverhampton centres directly to speak to one of our team. We will ask you to bring proof of ID and ownership of your dog prior to coming to collect them. There may be a charge to collect your do. We will advise you when you get in touch, charges differ between local authorities.

Visiting, boarding & grooming

Our reception teams are available Monday to Sunday, from 8:30am to 4.45pm. Our reception areas are open for you to make donations, make enquiries or purchase items from our shop every day incuding bank holidays, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

If you would like to visit you can book an appointment online or contact our reception team. Please do not arrive without a pre-booked appointment.

We have lovely boarding facilities at both our Birmingham and Wolverhampton centres. Rates: To find out more, please visit our boarding page.

We offer professional grooming service at both our Birmingham and Wolverhampton centres with our highly qualified team. Please find out more about our grooming services here.