Dog Information

There’s a lot to consider when you’re deciding whether to buy or adopt a dog. Here’s some handy information on some of the key aspects of owning a dog

Dog Insurance

Taking on a dog is a huge lifestyle commitment but also a financial commitment too. As pet owners we want to be able to help our dogs when they become ill and need unexpected veterinary treatment. Costs can soon build up especially if your dog is involved in an accident or develops an ongoing illness.

We highly recommend taking out a pet insurance policy to help with any unexpected costs. Pet insurance will allow you to provide the best health care for your pet. All our dogs leave us with 4 weeks free pet insurance.

Dog Health

Looking after your dog is vital to keep them happy and healthy. All dogs should receive their annual vaccinations and health check with their vet to help reduce the risk of catching any unwanted diseases and to receive a full examination.

It is important to register your dog with a local vet that you can trust as soon as you have welcomed your dog into your home. All our dogs will have a minimum of a 1st part vaccination, full flea and worming treatment, full health check. We aim to neuter every dog before rehoming but there are a few reasons when this won’t be possible. For instance, unless too young, in season, poorly etc. These dogs will be invited back to our centre once they can undergo the surgery.

Dog Behaviour

Every dog has its own unique personality, character and challenges. Dog behaviours can develop from individual and prior experiences, breed traits, potential medical issues and their unique characters.

Every dog will benefit from some form of training, whether they be young or old, it helps build a strong relationship and provides mental stimulation.

Dog Breeds

All breeds have their own characteristics, nutritional needs, exercise needs, medical pre-dispositions and personalities. Our team will be able to provide you with advice and guidance for each individual dog in our care. 

We highly recommend doing some research on different breeds of dogs before starting your search for a new dog to join your family. Cross breed dogs may also have a mix of characteristics from each breed so knowing more about each breed is hugely beneficial before welcoming them into your home.

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