Responsible dog ownership

Choosing your new companion is a very exciting process, one that needs careful consideration from the whole family. Dog ownership is a big responsibility. It is important to take your time in deciding which type of dog will be right for you and your family and to make sure that you can offer everything a particular dog needs so that you can all enjoy a long and happy life together.

Daily routine

Dog ownership can be very rewarding and brings the family together to care for a new best friend.

All dogs benefit from a daily routine including walks, feeding, playtime, rest and training. Every dog has very different needs from puppyhood, adolescence to senior years. It is important to ensure you have enough time in your day to give your dog its specific needs to help keep them happy and healthy.

Our team will give you all the advice that you need when adopting a new dog from us including their current routine and help and advice for when you take them home.

Children, family and other pets

Welcoming a dog into your home is a big commitment for everyone who lives within the home, including children and other pets. Some of our dogs will be happy in a busy environment, others may not be used to a family home and will need a quiet adult only home where they are the only pet. 

Our team will provide advice on every dog to ensure you can make an informed decision so that you and your dog are set up for success.

A big commitment

Giving a home to a rescue animal is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. However, it is important you feel ready for, and understand the commitment of taking on another life, one which will be totally dependant on you.

It is important that every member of the family is involved in the adoption process and realises the commitment that they are taking on. It takes a lot of time and patience, especially at the start of your journey, to help a rescue dog settle into their new home.

Identification and loss prevention

It is a legal requirement to ensure that your dog is microchipped, with up-to-date information. Whilst out in public your dog must be wearing a collar with an I.D tag on. We receive over 2,500 dogs every year from the Midlands and having your dogs chipped will ensure you are reunited as quickly as possible.

We can help microchip your dog at our centres, for a small donation, simply call our team directly and they can book you in. Every dog rehomed from Birmingham Dogs Home will be microchipped and given a Pet24 tag, with details changed to the new owners once they have left our care.

It is important to remember to keep your details up to date if you move home, change telephone numbers or get a new email address. It is also advisable to add an emergency contact to your chip details should you be uncontactable for whatever reason.

Dog theft is on the rise and we advise you to never leave your dog tied up outside shops or in an unattended vehicle.

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