Finding the right dog for you

Choosing a new companion to join your family is a very exciting process and one that needs careful informed consideration. It is important to take your time to decide which type of dog will be right for you and your family and to make sure you can offer everything a particular dog needs so that you can all enjoy a long and happy life together.

Finding the right breed

Every dog is different, and our team are there to help you every step of the way to assist you in finding a new best friend. We have dogs of all different sizes, ages and temperaments and we will help to match you with a dog to suit your family and lifestyle.

It is always a great idea to research as many breeds as you can to find out what characteristics you would like and find out more about each breeds requirements.

Cross breeds & mixed breeds

We celebrate cross breeds here at Birmingham Dogs Home and their uniqueness. Cross breeds make lovely family pets and you can get a great mix of different breeds and their personalities. It is recommended that you research each breed that you think might be in your dog to understand their specific needs.

Matching your lifestyle

When you enquire about adopting a dog from Birmingham Dogs Home our team will ask you several questions regarding your lifestyle to help match you with dogs who are currently in our centres.

The reason for this is to help give you a dog that matches your level of activity and suit your daily life. Certain dogs in our care will match family homes, very active homes or low activity homes. Our team are there to help as much as possible and to understand what you would like from welcoming a new rescue dog into your home.

Dogs needing extra support

Birmingham Dogs Home takes in homeless dogs from across the Midlands. We will have very little background information regarding some of these dogs and so we carry out our assessments to understand their behavioural needs.

Each dog will require different levels of training and care throughout their stay with us. A small selection of our dogs will require ongoing behavioural training with the guidance of our team when they leave us for their new home.

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