Pre-Adoption Response #20901
Title: Mr
First Name: Richard
Last Name: Dixon
Date of Birth:
Tel: 007422530303
Alt Tel: 07422657001
Size of dog: Small (e.g. Terrier), Medium (e.g. Staffie)
Interested in gender: Either
Interested in age: 2-5 years, 5-8 years, 8 years +
Have you seen a dog or puppy on our website that you are interested in? If so please tell us the name: Oscar
At which centre?:
Home ownership status: Own
Permission if renting:
Type of property: House
If other property:
If a flat, what floor?:
Do you have a garden? Yes
Size of garden: Medium
Is the garden secure? Yes
Height of fencing: 6ft +
Direct access to garden? Yes
If no direct access to garden, please specify:
Number of adults at home: 2
Number of children at home: N/A
Ages of children:
Do you have children that visit regularly? No
If yes, ages:
Frequency of visits:
Do you own any other dogs? No
If yes, breed and gender:
Are they neutered? N/A
Any other pets? No
If yes, which pets:
If other pet, please state:
Any visiting animals and details: N/A
How much daily exercise do you expect to give your dog - Weekday (hours) 1-2 hrs
How much daily exercise do you expect to give your dog - Weekend (hours) 1-2hrs
How active are you? Reasonably
How long do you expect to leave the dog alone on a regular basis? 0.5hrs
When? Daytime
How often? I’m home all day so may be left when I pop to local shop etc.
Where do you plan on leaving your dog when you leave the house? Run of house
If other, please specify:
Are you planning on any of the following?
Your ideal dog would be good with cats: Not important
Your ideal dog would like other dogs: Not important
Your ideal dog would be good with livestock: Not important
Your ideal dog would be comfortable around children: Quite important
Your ideal dog would like strangers: Not important
Your ideal dog would enjoy being picked up/petted: Quite important
Have you had dogs before? yes
If yes, can you give details (i.e. Breed, Size, Gender etc.): Staffy , multi colour
Please tell us a little more of your experience: (Tick any that apply) I have trained pet dogs before, I would enjoy training a dog, I am an experienced owner and could train a difficult dog
Are you, or anyone in your household self-isolating for any reason? No
If yes, please give details:
Is there someone able to help you and your dog if you become ill or have to self-isolate? Yes
Are you a key worker or currently working from home?
If working from home, what would your plans be for your new dog when you return to work? N/A
By submitting this form, you agree that all the information above is factual and truthful to the best of your knowledge. I agree
How would you like to hear from us? Telephone