Pre-Adoption Response #28275
First Name: Katarzyna (Kate)
Last Name: Odrak
Date of Birth: 23/05/1975
Address: 7 Canning Road, Tamworth
Tel: 007504701519
Alt Tel: 01827707096
Size of dog: Small (e.g. Terrier), Medium (e.g. Staffie)
Interested in gender: Female
Interested in age: Less than 2 years, 2-5 years
Have you seen a dog or puppy on our website that you are interested in? If so please tell us the name: Nessie
At which centre?:
Home ownership status: Own
Permission if renting:
Type of property: House
If other property:
If a flat, what floor?:
Do you have a garden? Yes
Size of garden: Small
Is the garden secure? Yes
Height of fencing: 6ft +
Direct access to garden? Yes
If no direct access to garden, please specify:
Number of adults at home: 2
Number of children at home: N/A
Ages of children:
Do you have children that visit regularly? Yes
If yes, ages: 27
Frequency of visits: Monthly
Do you own any other dogs? No
If yes, breed and gender:
Are they neutered? N/A
Any other pets? No
If yes, which pets:
If other pet, please state:
Any visiting animals and details: Friend's male chihuahua, maybe once a month.
How much daily exercise do you expect to give your dog - Weekday (hours) 2 - 3
How much daily exercise do you expect to give your dog - Weekend (hours) 3+
How active are you? Reasonably
How long do you expect to leave the dog alone on a regular basis? 5
When? Daytime
How often? 3 days a week
Where do you plan on leaving your dog when you leave the house? Other
If other, please specify: Downstairs of the house
Are you planning on any of the following?
Your ideal dog would be good with cats: Not important
Your ideal dog would like other dogs: Quite important
Your ideal dog would be good with livestock: Not important
Your ideal dog would be comfortable around children: Quite important
Your ideal dog would like strangers: Not important
Your ideal dog would enjoy being picked up/petted: Quite important
Have you had dogs before? yes
If yes, can you give details (i.e. Breed, Size, Gender etc.): a male German Shepherd, a male Dachshund.
Please tell us a little more of your experience: (Tick any that apply) I would enjoy training a dog
Are you, or anyone in your household self-isolating for any reason?
If yes, please give details:
Is there someone able to help you and your dog if you become ill or have to self-isolate?
Are you a key worker or currently working from home?
If working from home, what would your plans be for your new dog when you return to work?
By submitting this form, you agree that all the information above is factual and truthful to the best of your knowledge. I agree
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