Sponsor a Kennel at Birmingham Dogs Home

By sponsoring a kennel you will be helping to keep a homeless dog warm and safe until they find their fur-ever home!

Hello there, I’m Lily, and I am proud to be the Birmingham Dogs Home Ambassadog for all the dogs who are in our sponsored kennels. Here’s how you can help my furry friends by becoming a BDH Kennel Sponsor.

For just a few pounds a month, you can help us pay for the daily cost of heating kennels, washing bedding and buying food and treats for all my furry friends.

We rescue around 2,000 dogs each year and it costs over £6,000 a day to care for all the dogs that need us at our two centres in Birmingham and Wolverhampton (we have big vet bills!). I was homeless and friendless myself when I arrived at Birmingham Dogs Home and now, thanks to everyone’s support, I got my second chance and am now a VIP in my very own new family.

Thank you for your suppawt!

Which Kennels Can I Sponsor?

Chica here – nice to meet you! 

I am an 8-year-old German Shepard and have been at BDH since June 2023. I am blind in one eye but that doesn’t stop me getting around – especially with my canine carers looking after me so well. My kennel keeps me safe and warm whilst I’m waiting for my fur-ever family – please sponsor my kennel!

My name is Newt…

I am small but mighty! I haven’t learned what toys are and I’m not too keen on treats but I love to explore the world with my Canine Carers. I’m keeping my paws crossed for my fur-ever family to find me soon but would love you to sponsor my kennel whilst I wait.

Hello my name is Clover… 

I am a female Malinois dog. I am nearly 2 years old and have been in my kennel since March 2023, my carers at BDH are helping learn to play with toys which is super fun! Please sponsor my kennel to help my stay here be even better!

My name is Hope…

I arrived at Birmingham Dogs Home in November 2023 and my carers are looking after me well. I love to play with balls and love to chase them and bring them back to you. Please sponsor my kennel to help keep me safe and warm whilst I wait for my fur-ever family!


Hello my name is Betty!

I was homeless before I arrived at Birmingham Dogs Home but I am feeling much safer in my new kennel. It is so exciting to meet all my new canine carers – I love them already! Please sponsor my kennel, it would help my stay here at BDH be even better!

My name is Biscuit!

I don’t know too much about the world as I am only a puppy and spent most of my life so far at BDH! I’ve been told that I will soon find a ‘fur-ever family’ by Lily, I’m not sure what that means really but it sounds great. I love my toys and treats so please sponsor my kennel so I can have even more!

My name is Annie.

I arrived at Birmingham Dogs Home in October 2023 and met my best friend Sapper – he’s so fun to play with! Since I’ve arrived I’ve had the royal treatment from my canine carers but if you sponsor my kennel I could get even more treats and toys – paws crossed!

Hey it’s Blossom here!

My canine carers are the best! They take me on lots of walks and are helping teach me my basic manners as I haven’t been taught them before – oops! I like it here but I am hoping my fur-ever family will find me soon, please sponsor my kennel whilst I wait!

My name is Sapper

I’ve been checked into the Hope Hotel since September 2023. I am a bit unsure of how to sit but I’m trying hard to learn. I’d love you to sponsor my kennel whilst I learn the basics to help me find my new home!

Hello my name is Kelsey!

 I’m a little bit shy and like to keep all my toys to myself but I am learning to share I promise. I love my tennis balls and can’t get enough – please sponsor my kennel to help!

*Our goal is to find loving, permanent homes for all our dogs. Please note that by the time you receive your first Sponsor’s Scoop, the dog featured in the picture may have already found their forever home. In that case, you’ll receive details about another furry companion in the same kennel that requires your support just as much!

How Does Sponsoring Work?

Choose a kennel to sponsor

We have ten kennels for you to choose from (each with their own personality, like our dogs!), five in our Birmingham centre and five in our Wolverhampton centre.

Decide how much you would like to give

Tell us how much you’d like to give and whether you’d like to do so monthly or annually. Just a little each month (or each year) adds up to wagging tails for all our furry guests.

Await your BDH 
goodies & updates

We will send out your Sponsor a Kennel welcome pack as soon as we can, and you will regularly receive regular Sponsor’s Scoop updates from your kennel throughout the year.

£4 a month can pay for cosy bedding to provide warmth and comfort to your sponsored kennel dog while they are here.

£8 a month can help pay for toys and activities to keep your sponsored kennel dog stimulated and entertained between walkies.

£12 a month can pay for the dog in your sponsored kennel to be micro-chipped to help get them ready for a new home.

What will you receive?

As a special Birmingham Dogs Home Kennel Sponsor we will send you updates about the dog that is currently in your sponsored kennel throughout the year in our furbulous “Sponsor’s Scoop” e-newsletter – exclusively for our sponsors.

As a waggy thank you we will send you a special Kennel Sponsorship Welcome Pack including a certificate and exclusive gifts. Choose from our special Kennel Sponsor fridge magnets, keyrings, and car stickers (or select all three!). Use them with pride and share how much you care.

Choose your thank you gifts

As a little thank you from us for your valuable support, you can choose which gifts you receive as part of your sponsorship.

Car Sticker

Fridge Magnet


Sponsor’s Scoop

Of course, we plan to rehome as many dogs as possible each year and so we hope to be sending news of regular changes to the residents in your sponsored kennel, with news of waggy-ever-after stories of dogs in their new homes and news about who your donation is helping next.

You will also receive special Sponsor’s invitations to events at our centres each year to visit your sponsored kennel and meet the dogs you are so kindly helping.

Sponsoring a Kennel at
Birmingham Dogs Home

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