In memory

Tribute Tree

You can choose to remember a loved one, or celebrate someone special, by adding a beautiful, engraved dedication leaf to our Birmingham Dogs Home Tribute Tree, to honour their life, love and companionship.

Whether you wish to remember a dog-lover or beloved pet, this is a lovely way to honour their memory by helping us to help the most deserving dogs in our region find happier tomorrows.

Our Tribute Tree has 450 Gold, Silver and Bronze leaves which can each be engraved with the name of a loved one. Dedication leaves can be purchased for a minimum of 12 months. We will contact you each year to ask if you woud like to renew your donation for another year or if you would like us to send your engraved dedication leaf to you so you can treasure it at home.

Personal online tributes

You can make a personal online tribute in memory of your loved one, where you can share memories, thoughts and stories with family and friends, and raise money to support Birmingham Dogs Home in their honour.